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Our mission is to provide PHP-Fusion users and developers with unmatched quality in our infusions, modifications, and themes. Releases will be clean, lightweight, reliable, and secure. After release, you will also get our top support if you happen to run into any problems.

First of all I would like to thank all of our members for their much appreciated contribution.

php-Invent has now been open for a little over one month. And already we are nearing 100 members and 10,000 visits.

We are also coming close to our release of fusionboard 4! The most advanced forum that PHP-Fusion has yet to see, none the less infusion. I would like to thank Ian for all his hard work and all of our dedicated beta testers.

I have also added a donation panel on the left hand side of the screen. We are looking for a little help to pay for our hosting expenses. If you could spare a few dollars, it would be much appreciated.

Hi, it’s been awhile since we’ve put out some news, so I’ll update you on what’s going on.

fusionBoard 4 is about half way done, I’ve launched a good part of it on this site so you can get a view of it before it’s published to the SVN at Google Code.

Report any bugs, I’m not completely sure how cosmetics will last because this was developed on a completely different theme than this site’s theme.

– SoBeNoFear

fusionboard 4: alpha 2 Release
We are proud to announce the release of fusionboard 4: alpha 2.

This is thanks to all the support we have received from our members and a special thanks to Ian Unruh, the mastermind behind this great development. Who has done a wonderful time.

I am excited to see the final release of fusionboard, so lets keep working on it.


We have made our first official release. We have converted RSS Parser to v7 with permission from the original developer.

The RSS Parser infusion can read the contents of multiple RSS files from any number of remote or local servers. It will then parse it’s contents to create a panel with the formatted headlines including links back to the source site.

It can be downloaded under the Downloads section or under the forums.

This is surreal’s original infusion, made for v6 and was originally released on the PHP-Fusion Mods MODDB.


You heard right, the alpha version of fusionBoard 4 has been released to the public.

Go and get it everyone!

Welcome everyone, to the new php-Invent.

At php-Invent, we do our best to ensure that every single project gets top quality. Every gambling site will be secure, fast, clean, and reliable. When bugs are spotted, they will be attended to as quickly as possibly and when problems arise, you will get our full support.

I’d like to thank Invisiblegeek too, my partner at php-Invent for bringing the site back online and preparing to raise your standards of what a PHP-Fusion modification should be.

We’re looking for a small team of developers and supporters to help us along the way, so if you are interested, contact me ([email protected]) or invisiblegeek ([email protected]).

– SoBeNoFear (Ian U.) and Invisiblegeek (Cameron W.)

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